The story of us

About Us

We believe the event planning process should be FUN!

From large, branded corporate events to intimate weddings and everything in between, our team provides unique insights that will make your big day unforgettable.Our photo booth is state of the art and will create memories that can be treasured forever.

What sets us apart?

We are set apart from most companies by the people and dreams this company was born from. The idea started with a bride with little time and financial resources to put together the wedding of her dreams. Her wedding needed to be on a budget that was affordable to her as her family was unavailable to assist. Basically she’s doing everything on her own and just needs a little help. We found there are a lot of brides that face that issue, and we might be the ones with the heart and determination to serve those people. We’ve promised each other that we will throw 2 events a year at no cost to the client, help those that we can maintain a lower budget and still have their “perfect” event, while charging those that desire a full blown affair a reasonable price.

Let us tell your story and bring your imagination to life!

Let us  

 bring your story to Life!.

How we work

Goal-driven planning

Our goal is to be able to take the worry out of the event for our clients. Our focus is on providing the experience you imagined for your perfect event.

Clients as partners

We believe we have the heart and determination to make memorable events for all of our clients, regardless of their circumstances.

Honest Pricing

We provide upfront and honest costs to all of our clients, which can be great for planning an event on a budget.



We provide the same great experience to every client no matter the event or location! You can rely on us to put our hearts into every event we manage.